Saturday, November 22, 2008

Settling in for a long winters nap...NOT

Snow in New Brunswick
Just got word from our friends up Nawth in New Brunswick that they were socked in with snow. Seems like just last week we were up there. I couldn't resist my photoshop urges and make it so!

I've been playing a lot lately. In the Canon forum, I've been playing photoshop tennis. One person posts a picture, you take a copy and make an edit, then the next person and so on. Having a game like that makes it fun to brush up on skills.

New Star Trek Trailer
Don't know what all the buzz is about the New Star Trek Trailer, it doesn't seem very aerodynamic to me.

It never hit 30 today, a good a time as any to resolve those pesky heated gear issues I've been having. The big guy was kind enough to hard wire a connector to my battery. It seems the BMW plug can not take a full compliment of heated gear, I was blowing the fuse with the addition of heated gloves.
New wiring for the electrics

We tested the gear out with a cruise to the coast. Max BMW put on his annual turkey dinner spread. About a dozen bikes braved the cold, but tons of folks showed up in cars to enjoy the free feast. Thanks again Max! Happy Thanksgiving 2
Will ride for turkey

It was my second trip to the coast this week. On Wednesday I chased down a Tag in Portsmouth, nearly froze to death. 2 hours at highway speed, no electrics, 26 degrees. And someone posted up the tag before me - right as a I left the garage! Breaking Wall With Head. Oh well. It's all for the fun of the game.

I got a nice shot out of the deal, 30 second expose, a little blurry due to high winds.
Portsmouth Take2

Ride safe out there, winter is a coming.

Got Salt?
Winter is coming


fasthair said...

Ms. SRaB: Too funny :) You made a rookie mistake of not checking before you left. I guess as they say in your forum you got Bruced? On my Tag I got Bruced when the guy was already at it before I ever left town but didn't post it until that evening. I was going to go after our current Tag today but the snow flurries and 34f temps made me think other wise about riding 150 miles for it. Suppose to be close to 50f tomorrow so I should be able to get it.


Stephen said...

I lived in Upstate New York for a spell and had the privilege of riding all over New England what seemed like almost every weekend. In fact, I learned how to fly and became a pilot in your town (small world). I don't miss the winters there though......and the salt!

As a rounder here in Eastern Washington State, most of the time, I can avoid the heavy snowfall by riding in the lowlands thereby avoiding having to settle in for a "long winters nap" as well.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where fasthair is but here in SW Ohio it was close to 50F yesterday, I got in a short ride. Winter is trying to come in here also but the "wing is never more than a quick warmup away if the weather cooperates. Ride safe!

irondad said...

I could use the salt. My recipes have been a little bland lately! I am so totally glad they don't salt roads here. The road crews are using some sort of vinegar based solution to help prevent freezing. It smells like riding over pickles. If it actually does freeze, they use a lot of sand. Still dicey for traction but not as corrosive.

That reminds me, I need to wire the FJR for my electric vest. I've been doing two hundred mile rides at 32 degrees. You're tough to be doing your rides at 26!

Finally read the American Motorcyclist article, by the way. You're an awesome spokesperson for us!