Thursday, January 8, 2009

Riding with children product pointer

I ran across this reference on Bikes in the Fast Lane.
I have never used this the BackRider and am not endorsing it, just providing information. I'm not a fan of strapping the kid to me, but I can see that some parents might want to try this. I think it would be useful on a snowmobile.
2005 Mother & Daughter
For the first couple of years riding with Lisa, I wore a belt that contained two sets of handles for her to hang on too, one set right in front of her, and another set out to the side. I see that the BackRider offers a set of 'cosmetic' handles this is unfortunate, a child should get used to hanging on in a functional manner. A child needs to get accustomed to the the acceleration and deceleration, a passenger should actively prepare for both, not sit passively waiting to crash into the driver. Perhaps different riding positions warrant less activity.

And as usual I strongly urge you and your passenger to always wear a full face helmet. Look for junior helmets when the kids are still small. And make sure they can reach the pegs on the bike for stability.

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Biker Betty said...

I have never seen either types of belts. We figured if our youngest was too small to reach the pegs and hold on, he was too young to ride. He's 14 now and enjoys riding short stuff.