Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ski New Hampshire

It's been 3 years since I've skied with Lisa. She's been taking lessons, skiing with others, but due to my bad knees, we'd not been skiing together. The past few years I've been skiing cross country. But the knees have been feeling ok, and the days at the gym have been good, so on New Year's Eve we all headed out to Pat's Peak, despite the cold, that test run went well.
Beautiful Scenery
So this weekend, Lisa and I headed to Mt. Sunapee, in Sunapee, NH. Sunapee is a nice family oriented ski area, I like the lodge at the top, good food and drink for the weary.
Tired out skier
No signs of a bad economy here, business was booming, but lift lines where not to bad, maybe 5 minutes for the quad chair.
Lisa on the lift
The weather was beautiful when we arrived at noon for our half day ski; the clouds started coming in around 2:00 making the snow look flat; less favorable for skiing and picture taking.
Beautiful Day for Skiing
Many motorcyclist hate the snow, not me, I live in New Hampshire, I love the snow. In fact Kevin and I are talking about trying snow shoeing next. Lemons...lemonade you know?
Ski Chair
Hope you are finding fun things to do while your bikes wait out winter in the snow belt.


RichardM said...

Great pictures. For me, x-country skiing for the next couple of months. Can't get the bike out 'tim May.

Dave Gill said...

If you do try snow shoeing, please post up. I'm considering it myself. We have lots of dirt trails I ride in the summer and they would be great to explore when the wild animal tracks can be seen. I'm with you about the snow and NH. Lemons / lemonade.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! We havent had enough snow over in Washington to get to ride yet, but hopefully will get some before thanksgiving! :) I just picked up a new Pieps Dsp avalanche beacon too and I can't wait to try it out! I guess it's good to be prepared, but I wan't to use it so bad!