Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February Ride

Many motorcyclist hold a belief that they can not ride in the winter. It mostly has to do with getting their bike dirty. I did not buy my bike to keep it showroom floor clean. I bought it to ride it.
Dirty Bike

I didn't make it though the last round of layoffs. So I was home waiting for my ship to come in when I glanced at the weather forecast. 50's today, showers in the afternoon. The sky was quite blue, as were my spirits. I needed to shake things up.
Two months off the saddle is too long. Time to get out, get dirty, have fun.

The New Hampshire tag on ADV was an hour closer than the MA tag, so I checked out some directions and headed north. A smile formed on my face as I took the first on ramp. does a soul good.
February Ride & Tag

The back roads were wet, the main roads dry. Lots of frost heaves. The temps so warm, I cracked the visor, and pushed down the collar. For the first time in a week, I was happy to be out of work.
Airport Diner

Dilbert has a way of putting things into perspective.
Dilbert on Unemployment

I hope you have not been hit by the economy. But if you have, why not just go for a ride?


fasthair said...

Ms. SRaB: Hey that photo looks just like the one I took this weekend. Well except my picture has a Harley in it in front of an old gas station and the snow wasn't quite is deep. But other then that it's the same photo :) And you're right, we don't need no stinkin' dual sport. Glad you got out to ride just sorry to hear it was at the expense of your now old job. I hope you find something fast and with any luck better.

Unknown said...

Bravo! Motorcycles are machines. Water resistent, utilitarian tools that provide adventure. Here's to using yours fully.

Nikos said...

I admire your spirit!
When I was laid off a fews ago my only regret was that it happened during the winter - come summer I was back at the grind stone of office bound employment unable to fully enjoy the weather.

Anonymous said...

Shooters & Gun Collectors call a pretty gun you leave locked up in the safe and never shoot a "Safe Queen". Well, I don't want my Mistress, (what I call my V-Star) to become a, "Garage Queen"! LOL.
Hope you find work soon.

Ride on,

Anonymous said...

Nice Bike! I admire your spirit . . . I'm afraid I'm more fair weather. But I'll ride as often as possible from about March through Nov. I'm getting antsy now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your job...
I was let go Nov. 1st, it mostly sucked but I did get to ride many days in November and December that I would not have had I been working :).
Now with my new job (literally right next door to a Harley store) I look out the window and watch as others ride :(. A quick mill or two I can retire and ride all I want...

Anonymous said...

I like the way my ride looks all clean and shiny, but that's not why I bought her. She' not art. She's not a lawn ornament, nor a place to hang my jacket, she's a 120 hp steel and rubber transporter to nirvana. Never had a bad ride yet.
Hope you and everyone else that's feeling the sting of job loss gets back to the norm soon.

Anna said...

Sorry to hear about the layoff. I was laid off 8 months ago, things are tough out there - on the bright side, on those nice winter days when the temp climbs above freezing you can take off for a ride and enjoy the empty roads :)

irondad said...

I echo the sentiments about your being laid off. You've got so many talents, though, that it might be a good time to explore.

Love the golden bike in the masthead. I'm just starting to play with colors in the photo software. That's how I got the red headlamp picture of Elvira in my post.

How about starting a dirty bike photo contest? :)

Krysta in MKE said...

Being out of work is tough. I just joined the ranks last week. Even temp agencies have slim pickings.

Wanted to share a picture of one of our bikes out in the snow. The most recent one is on the opening page here:

(I was taking the picture, but I drive the sidecar, too. It's a different sort of fun. Harder to tip over on ice.)

SheRidesABeemer said...

great picture Krysta, I had a hack for a season, never did take it in the snow...I wasn't "into that" then!

Big Red Dawg said...

Crap - sorry to learn about the lay off Gail. But I am believing you have True Grit (you old enough to remember that movie???) and will prevail.
Ride On.

Unknown said...

Sorry about the job. So far I've been spared the axe, but as the most junior member of my unit, I've been pretty nervous.