Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Gould Hill Orchard
Some years ago I used to ride with a couple of friends. At lunch one day we got on the topic of what we think about while riding. I think about writing up my ride story, I think of the many ways to describe the ride, and what pictures I'll want to accompany it. My friend, the newbie at the time, said she concentrated on her bike, the road and improving her skills. The third rider added, "I think about green". "It sure is green". LOL. I guess I'm a deep thinker. But I have to agree with him this time of, where is the green? I'm ready to see something besides snow banks, how about you?

Thanks goodness for the ADV tag-o-rama for getting my butt out of the house. Too gloomy in there. Too nice out here!
Canobie Lake Park

NH Tag

This past weekend was the first long ride of the spring weekend. The scenery is barren and dirty, yards are littered with branches from the December ice storm.
Dirty Rider

And apparently you can't go looking for buds at the Wachusett Dam either.
Sorry we're closed
I did spot this treat just off the road, couldn't get much closer...I was already trespassing.
Falls Pepperell, MA
There was beauty to be found in the woods earlier in the month. The beauty of a spring thaw.
Spring can't be far behind

Let's hope that spring is really here so I can start riding more, thinking more and smiling more! Hope your riding season has begun too!


Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now and I've been horrible about leaving a comment. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend, it will feel like spring (70's) at least until the next cold front moves in... and then more snow!

BTW, your photography is outstanding. I enjoy seeing your rides through your photos. Enjoy your day ~ Jovi

Baron's Life said...

I'm very impressed with the quality of the pics you posted and the story you tell. Very well done.
Any luck on the job front?

SheRidesABeemer said...

thank you for your compliments, I do work at the pics.
Nothing happening on the work scene, the checks started making their way to the mailbox, so I'm ok there. But the news ever day really worries me. Looking at positions with 40% pay cuts worries me more. :( Photography and riding keep me sane.

Baron's Life said...

Keep on trucking..someday, somewhere, sometimes, something will come along...never, ever give up!

Anonymous said...

Almost 140 miles yesterday on the 'Wing. Through Oxford (home of Miami University), Hueston Woods and on through the country side. Boy did I need that ride :)

Unknown said...

Although I have been riding all winter it is very nice to finally feel the warmth on my face,see the trees budding, and the tulips peaking up from the ground. Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

The first rides of a new season are little jewels few understand. Working out the kinks that formed over a long cold winter. No bugs fouling the view. Time to commensurate once again with angels and demons within us as we are tempted by the open road. The challenge of a well paved twisty, the rush of power as we throttle on coming out of the curve. Our body begins to respond once again to all the inputs the road and the machine send us. The smile comes easier now that the season of the ride is finally here again.

irondad said...

I'm with you in that I think of posts and pictures. It's part of the release of riding. To think about something other than the pressures of living.

I have to agree with the comments. Your photos here are so crisp and clean!