Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easter without Bunnies

Easter Day Ride
I don't find it important to be doing what everyone else is doing (how obvious is that?). Truth be told, I lean the other way, and prefer doing the opposite. When it comes to holidays it's nice that I have someone that is on the same page as I am.

With no kids at home, Kevin and I decided to pass on the egg hunt, in lieu of the wifi hunt. We set out to find the ADV MA Tag. Haven't played Tag-O-Rama yet? It involves a camera and a bike, how perfect for me!

We grabbed the tag in Lincoln, MA. If we'd had more time, we'd have stopped to photograph the dafodills that lined the street near the DeCordova Museum. Spring, it's so close.
Gropius House Lincoln MA

The key to grabbing tag is speed. Strategically I figured everyone else was home eating chocolate bunny ears. But you still want to post ASAP. We ran off to find some free wifi.

Hey look, here is some at the Best Western in Concord (MA)
Best Western has wireless

Type Kevin type...faster man, we don't want to get Bruced.
Type faster!

We got the tag, traveled down the road for a new picture and stopped to warm up. Despite the bright sun, we never saw 40.
Hmmm, traditional Easter Dinner for the motorcyclist.
Easter Dinner

And that is how I spent my Easter Sunday. 10 years to the day that I earned my MC endorsement. I hope you did something that you like with your day!

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kathy said...

No traditional Easter for me either. Hubby and I spent the day riding in the Everglades. I'll have to try out Tag-O-Rama sometime - sounds like fun.