Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember Being a New Rider?

Good day for the pedal bike
I was noticing yesterday that there are a lot of similarities between being a new motorcyclist and new bicyclist. It was the spring on 1999 I earned my motorcycle endorsement and purchased my K75. I remember those first few weeks. I stayed close to home, familiarized myself with my bike, tried to learn to shift without thinking about it and didn't have all the nice coordinated gear that I saw on other riders. That is exactly how I felt riding my bicycle around town yesterday.

Bottoms Up
Of course the new motorcyclist doesn't have to worry about sucking wind, but many of the insecurities are the same. As a newbie, I really notice when I gain a lot of speed. I worry about braking properly and effectively. I hope nothing breaks because I don't have the right tools (let along knowledge) on how to fix anything. I know I must look like a noob, I am wearing ordinary sneakers, mismatched work-out clothes and helmet.

I just walked in from Florida and my leg is killing me
We all know a newbie on a motorcycle when we see one. They duck walk the bike in the parking lot, they are wearing work boots and old gloves. They might have a denim jacket on and an ill fitting helmet. I think I'll cut them a break...because I've been reminded what its like to be a noob.

Who shall we feed?

When I bought my pedal bike last year, I hoped to eventually ride to work. Well I don't work there any more, but I rode over anyway, and took some pictures. I felt a little pride in accomplishing my goal, a little late, but still a satisfying. I hope to keep it up, and eventually I'll open up my world and make it out to the next town! And in 4-5 years, who knows maybe I'll go further than I ever thought I would.


RichardM said...

Now it's time for the cross country bike (bicycle) trip...

Baron's Life said...

Happy easter to you and your loved ones.

irondad said...

I really felt the "noob" thing a while back. I purchased a mountain bike last fall. Thinking it would be a good time to start getting it back on the road again, I took it to a local bicycle and hiking shop to have it checked out, adjusted, etc. Like you, I really haven't ventured down that road, yet.

The guy behind the service counter quickly informed me that they don't service "department store" bikes. Well, excuse me! Guess I'm missing the point of how to be a bike snob.

When your site was loading, all I could see was the top half of the second photo. I imagined it to be an iceberg. Interesting when it turned out to be a bird's butt!

Unknown said...

Hello Gail,

I remember all too well what it was like to be a newbie. I remember the frustration in trying to figure it all out for myself once I had taken the Gearing Up Program weekend course. I remember riding for the first time with a husband that was a proficient rider. I remember the tears. For all of those reasons I have gone above and beyond the newbie phase. It was because of that memory that I became an instructor for Canada Safety Council and pass along my passion for safe motorcycle riding. It is why I practice ATGATT, it is why I choose to ride many kilometers in a day and set up a camp site by myself, ride to rallies, laugh with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and dream of rides to come......



Anna said...

Even though I bought my first new bicycle in 2006, I didn’t really ride it much until a few months ago. I definitely feel like a noob when it comes to those two wheels. After riding motorcycles for 10 years I find bicycles “complicated” and “uncomfortable“. And why do they have so many gears? But they are fun and great exercise.