Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thumbs up to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

I'm walking back from the mail box opening a letter from Anthem. It's a claim recap letter, you know the one that tells you what was charged and how much they covered?
And much to my delight, this is yet another claim recap indicating that I am covered for the service I received. Covered. How nice. By simply covering me for a check up, some lab work and an immunization shot for Lisa, Anthem has gained my applause and left me a very satisfied customer.

For 3 years I was "covered" by a policy at work. Covered meant I paid premiums every week and EVERY SINGLE claim recap said I was not covered. In three years, I doubt if I received $100 worth of benefit. Luckily I was forced to seek my own policy when the State of New Hampshire told the insurer they could no longer write such a rip off of a policy (probably not their exact words). Rather than going "cobra" with the same plan, I sought an individual (plus one) policy. I do not blame that other carrier for writing the lame policy, I blame the wholly owned subsidiary of the large privately owned investment company that I worked for for offering substandard coverage for its temporary work force.

Let me tell you, if you do not have preexisting conditions and you are on Cobra, you are probably being robbed blind! Individual policies can be affordable, the folks that profit from the administration of Cobra want you to think otherwise. Even the stimulus package supports the growth of Cobra by covering some of the bloated payments; while ignoring those of us that did our homework, called around and secured coverage on our own.

My helmet off to you Anthem, the Lumenos plan is just the product we need.

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