Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making Plans to Travel

Faux Planning Session
To plan or not to plan that is the question. Or is it?
How much to plan...that's more like it.
Lisa and I are heading to the BMW MOA Rally in Johnson City, TN in a couple of weeks. I've finally gotten around to planning for it.
Back Roads of Vermont
I'd love to just hop on the bike and head southwest and meander to the Rally. But as seems to always happen, I just don't have the luxury of time and money to do that. If I had the money I could find the time, but I'm on a tight budget this year due to my lack of outside employment.

Do Not Enter

I've decided to split 1,100 miles up in two days, which means 2 long days in the saddle. I booked a hotel in Harrisburg, PA for the trip down; I’ll be able to wing it a little more heading home. In the coming week I’ll be plotting the course in Garmin. I just as soon turn Garmin off, until I get lost, but again, I’m on the clock, and the days are long as it is.


We'll be coming out of the gate cold; except for my trip to Acadia I've not had much long day prep. More of a concern is our lack of acclimation to the heat. I hear from my colleagues that it's 90 degrees with high humidity. Here in New Hampshire we've been stuck for weeks with cool misty wet days in the 60's. I don't want to fall victim to optimistic packing disease. You know what I mean? You pack for where you are, not where you're going? I do that a lot early in the summer. But I'm keeping that in mind.

In the past we've really enjoyed Sherpa Ted's services. The joy of having a tent set up waiting for you, a clean towel everyday, and coffee brewing the morning. And while his service is reasonably priced, it's an expense I had to cut this year. I’ll be shipping the camping gear and accessories ahead. My gear is just too bulky for the bike when we travel two up. It's nice that the Rally offers a shipping/receiving option.

Are you making plans for the summer?

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Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

I live in Johnson City, and I write about local rides on my blog. If you'd like to see some of the great loops to take around here, please check out my blog, or write me...I'll be more than happy to help you explore some really wonderful roads...I promise,

fasthair said...

Ms. SRaB: Blog address updated in my Blogroll.

I would much rather just take off and not plan either but sometimes that just doesn't work out like it should.

You and Lisa have a blast on your little vacation! Hope much fun is had and that you get there and back safe!


Eric said...

Hi - If you're going down there to make some business contacts, don't forget that the entire trip is a deduction. Gas, lodging, meals, etc are all allowed by the IRS. Ride safe!

Sojourner's Moto Tales said...

Wow, this reminds me I've got to get in gear. I haven't started my plans! Yikes! I needed this reminder--work has been a bear!