Thursday, July 23, 2009

Motorcycle Ride Home

Lisa's new helmet
clouds to the East
gear secure
free breakfast downed
600 miles to home

long off ramp
rain gear on
first gas stop
500 miles to home

gray clouds
happy tunes
trucks all around
400 miles to home

full tank
full tummy
buckets of water
300 miles to home

black skies
soggy boots
sore butt
200 miles to home

standing water
tense shoulders
stop & go traffic
100 miles to home

one last tank of gas
one last down pour
one last ramp
home safe

Drying Out


Big Red Dawg said...

Like the pic of Lisa. Like the poem. Sounds like you did a little upstream swimming on the way home!

Fleeter said...

Nice. I like it. I get it.

fasthair said...

Mr. SRaB: The BMW looks pretty good for riding the last 300 miles in rain :) 600 miles and a sore butt? I thought BMWs' rode better then that. And what's with stopping every 100 miles? I've got a buck says you blame it on Lisa! Sheesh...

Glad you two had a good time!


Baron's Life said...

great poem, great helmet and obviously great ride....!

Nikos said...

Navigation through torrential rain has been a "highlight" of my biking this year too!

The Oracle said...

Didn't know you were a poet. Very nice indeed.

Mark MacRae said...

Gail & Lisa, It was fun to see you at the entrance to REGISTRATION on Thursday, Jul. 16, however briefly. Glad you had a great time and arrived home safely. You make a great pair!
Mark MacRae

irondad said...

Refreshing. I tend to be pretty wordy.

Jeanne said...

Hi, Just read all your blog and envy you so much. To be young and have your daughter with you, what a trip, fantastic. It brings back memories of my trip with my son. The trip of a lifetime. Enjoy the summer. Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Understand you met my friend Holly Ralph at the National. Now you know who I am, sort of. And yes Holly arrived home in Canada yesterday. Dead battery on her car which I replaced last evening. We had lunch together today August 1, 2009.
And no, even though my ancient Goldwing Interstate is still not sold, it will go someday and I plan to never ride again. Too darn dangerous out there. Too many idiots in quadacycles on mobiles, driving at better than 85 mph all the time.

Then too, no modern motorcycle is big enough to accommodate my elephantine size.

Anonymous said...

BMW makes motorcycles?