Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Continued Tales of the Unemployed Motorcyclist

K75 Cluster
My blog has always been motorcycle centric. When my life is not feeling motorcycle centric, I loose the zest to blog. These days my life has been unemployment centric. I’d be better suited to blog about money saving dinner ideas and who makes good quality coffee on the cheap.

My youth was spent without a penny in my pocket. We weren’t poor, my dad managed to send us two girls to private school. What a struggle that must have been on his modest pressman’s check. We had 20 year old cars, didn’t go on vacations, didn’t dine out and there was no spending money until you got a job. In college, I was chronically broke. I was there on a combination of scholarships, grants and loans. My dad would “slip” me a $5 on occasions. He couldn’t help.

blue heron
For 3 years during college I lived with two different families in exchange for room & board, I took care of their kid(s). During the summers, I took two elective classes at the local college. This allowed me to carry 4 courses per semester. I scheduled those classes before noon, so I could work from 12-4. Then I went home, made dinner, took care of the kids and did homework. Still not a lot of spending money; my then beau must have carried much of the entertainment expenses.

I can remember that on the last day of school, each year, I would sell my books, take the money to the Registrar’s office, and make my final tuition payment; it was that tight.

New Castle, NH
lighthouse and sailboat

There is no fondness in my memory of those times, nothing sentimental about living through the struggle. Only pride in how far I’ve come. So in times of unemployment, I know how to cut back, I have no sense of entitlement. I’ve earned my way up the ladder. This is not my first round of layoffs, although this stretch has been much different. I have put a lot of thought, and work into working for myself. But the financial pressures are mounting and no start up will pay for my desired lifestyle, so I’m looking for a “real” job in earnest. Sigh...

On a brighter note, Lisa & I got a nice ride in before school started.
Ice Cream Cone

And I did get to the Yankee Beemer Rally in Heath last month, it's my favorite little rally. Enjoy the pics!

Goin Camping

Air Time
Air Time

Fun with Friends
gail irene

Make Mine A Red
wine glass

Motto Guzzi
1991 Moto Guzzi 1000S


Affer said...

The great thing about unemployment is the clarity of mind you get! And (within limits) freedom to do things on the spur of the moment. Apart from that: nice photos of the Guzzi and the Crane (if it is a Crane!). And I guess the girl with the Dino on her lap is your youngest daughter...? :-)

dave said...

I truly understand the financial pressures comment - I think there are a lot of folks right now in the same boat. You have had some truly remarkable adventures and I am certain there are more to follow. As for me the list of things to do when finances allow just continues to grow :)

Crusty said...

It is sad that so many folks are out of work and this is why our economy is suffering so right now. I Own a motorcycle shop here in new england so i know how tough it is right now. I love Heath, MA and the Heath Fair Grounds. I spend much time up there! -Crusty

irondad said...

Somehow we always have to find a brighter side. Either that, or have a psychotic episode. Hope you can amplify the first and avoid the second.

I know what you mean about being financially challenged. I started out with nothing and still have most if it left!