Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Mug of Coffee and an Internet Connection

Dormer Window
A mug of coffee ($1.95) is the price I pay for admission. Today I am a roofing refuge, seeking shelter at Panera Breads. I’m not alone here. There are a half dozen laptop luggers cozied up to power plugs all around the café. Some paid the admission, some did not. I imagine many of them are economic refugees, like myself; I wonder if any of them are from my condo? The roofing project at the condo will be going on for a couple of more days, today, my unit is undergoing intensive work, the skylight will be replaced, the dormer window reworked. When I sit at my desk, it sounds like the next hammer blow will breach the ceiling. Probably a good day to get away.
Work Zone
Taking the bike out of the garage was out of the question, I would have had to extricate it before the protective shroud was draped at 7:00 AM; then there are the nails to worry about. No, better to enjoy the beautiful day bikeless, than to spend it getting a tire changed!

As I drove over here I started thinking about free fun things to do…some of the ideas are a little wacked.

1. Wait in line at Unemployment office to get a status of my claim (wacked)
2. Take new cars out for test drive – done right, this could take most of the day
3. Take new bikes out of test drive – ditto above
4. Visit local gyms and sign up for the one week free – do this sequentially so as to work out all month for free
5. Donate blood (not wacked)
6. Apply for jobs (brilliant, but not fun)
7. Create cardboard sign, sit in park with open computer bag: Will write HTML for $$. LMAO
8. Update blog
9. I don’t think I have 10…

Yesterday’s noise was not to bad in the AM, so I made bread pudding
Bread Pudding

Over the weekend, I collected my 3rd strike (in a row) on ADV, coincidentally it was the 3rd tag with “there are two of these signs” , I’m officially sticking to tags with only ONE STINKING DESTINATION. Ahem….yeah, it pissed me off. But I’m over it.
Sandwich Notch Road, Campton, NH
Sandwich Notch Rd
Hope your weather is favorable, and your driveway clear of nails!


Anonymous said...

I must admit that I have enjoyed a day of test driving cars. Back in the early days of my former married life we did this quite often. Some may think it's mean to drive around and have no intention of buying anything. Personally I found it entertaining.

Enjoyed your blog as usual ma'am,


Mongo said...

:) The bread pudding is excellent!

RichardM said...

I really enjoy your photos so that should be added to your list. It makes me want to visit New England.

SheRidesABeemer said...

Thanks Richard, I got out for a "shoot" last week, and it felt great! :$