Friday, October 2, 2009

Rode My Bike to Work

Rode To Work Today
There are so many good things about this picture.
That is my K1200GT.
It is parked at work.
It is fall.

So that means, the K12 is back on the road, after a long 6 month hiatus
It means that I'm back to work after an 8 months of unemployment
And it's fall, a beautiful time of year to have some gas money and a fast bike.

I am a "real" employee now, first time in...uh...close to 5 years. Contracting pays well, but there is a lot of wear & tear worrying about assignments. I'm at a small company Wellpet, they make healthy top of the line pet food. Kitty is happy about this, as there are employee discounts.

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm going to miss my free time, but I was at the point I needed to trade the freedom for the paycheck. We all know how that goes. At least it's a pleasant 25 minute commute, with a casual dress code, so riding there works out ok.

And now, the weekends feel like weekends...very short, lots to fit in! Hope your weekends are packed with great sMiles.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! Looks like everything worked out well for you.

FATTKAW said...

congrats on being employed!!! Hope to see some ride reports!!

Jon --

redlegsrides said...

congrats on finding work! am done with contracting too....I start my new job today, a 90 day contract to hire at Dish.

Stacy said...

That is great news! Now you're definitely riding to Redmond this summer, right?? :)

I've heard of Wellpet through our local pet supply shop. They have a good reputation.

karinajean said...

congratulations on the new job! I was unemployed for several months earlier in the year and it's hard to hold out with the bad news that everyone hears on the radio. I am with a company that almost does what I want to do but not quite, and with a longer commute than usual, but with super nice colleagues and, well, it's a really good job.

Unknown said...


I'm glad you managed to get back to the ranks of the employed. It's not that bad really and now when you leave work, you leave the work behind, and also the benefits of having free weekends to ride and enjoy yourself. A win win situation

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Unknown said...

Congrats on the job! And enjoy the moto commuting as long as you can--winter will be here before we know it...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job Gail. Happy to know you will be feeding your habit of scooter time better now.


dave said...

Late to the party ( I always am...) but congratulations on the job.

Eric said...

Congrats! That's great news all around. Thanks for keeping this blog, I really enjoy it.

irondad said...

Big sigh of relief, eh? Even now you are thinking like a true rider. If you have a choice, go for a longer commute!