Monday, November 9, 2009

Catching Up

Got Milk? Birthday ride yesterday
Fine day for a birthday ride

I started this blog in the spring of 2007 when I was getting ready to take 5 weeks off from work and travel the country with my daughter. If one were to look at the time stamps of most posts, one would see they are clustered heavily during normal work hours and work days.

Days gone by...bye bye
Here is where I sit all day

For about 5 years I have been chronically underemployed. I've had positions that allowed me ample hours to pursue blogging, flickr, Rounders, MOA, ADV just to mention a few of my favorite forums. It's almost embarrassing to think about the many sites where I have 1,000 + post counts. All because I had no work to do.

Beautiful Morning View at Work
Fall Morning

All that came to a screeching halt in October when I landed a real job. A job of substance. My semi-atrophied brain has come to life 9-5...more like 7:30 - 5:00.
I have my head buried in piles of zero's and ones. Data baby! And I love it! I get up in the morning with purpose. I get to work and I know why I am there. It's all very exciting.

End of Season
end of season

But alas I feel I've left some of my friends behind. I do manage to keep facebook up in the background, and that has been a nice way to stay in touch. Are you my facebook friend?

New Kitty in the House
Emmy Closet

So that's the update. Since I last wrote, I have been out for some nice late season rides and I have a write up from my Redmond, OR site visit of next year's MOA rally...that's almost ready to post.

Redmond Preview
Scenic Vistas

Until then, here is wishing you good riding before the snow flies!

Orange, MA


Rob said...

Glad to hear that you are having a ball with work. Keep riding, work hard and never stop writing.

Bill said...

Wow sounds like we have parallel lives except I haven't found a real job yet. But I'm looking forward to the day I do, I think?

Markus Hofmann said...

Great Blog ; )
Best Regards
Markus Hofmann (Germany,Munich)

irondad said...

I heard there was a pre-ride going on in and around Redmond. I worked with Jay Bennett who is an office for a BMW group.

Too bad I didn't know more. I only live about three hours West. I guess a FJR wouldn't have been rejected, would it?

Isn't it odd how we have time off with no job but can't really enjoy it because we have no job?

Ge Daozhen said...

Hi there from somewhere (else?) in Western Mass...Congratulations on your new job. I just came across your very interesting blog after searching for more information about women cyclists. I am hoping to become one after starting graduate school out West next Fall. What do you think of the Enertia? I love that it is completely electronic and a fairly simple bike too...and they make it in Oregon where I am hoping to end up going to graduate school for the next 5-7 years.

Happy Dead Bird Day by the way! :-)
- Yin yang

iRene said...

Dish on the new cat- name?
And are you helping to boost sales at the new place by feeding NewCat and Darwin the good stuff??!!