Monday, October 12, 2009

A Fine Day Out

A Fine Day Out

Kevin had a little get off on his Road King, two night earlier, the crash bar was bent but good, so he borrowed SPARE for our Saturday ride. I just love having the two bikes out at once. They both behaved themselves.

I've not done many club events this season. So when I saw a gathering forming on the MOA Forum, I signed up. The plan was to meet for lunch in North Adams and then ride up Mt. Graylock.

It was a crazy weather day! I really enjoyed meeting everybody and having lunch together, but some of the riding was unpleasant.

It was 60 and sunny in Nashua at 8:45AM, we dropped a layer as we gassed up, We headed west on 101 and immediately saw that we were driving into the clouds. We'd lost 15 degrees by the time we darted between leaf peepers at the top of Hogback Mt. There was moisture in the air and on the road, but no real rain.

Things improved slightly as we headed south on Rte 8 through Vt, and down into North Adams for lunch. While we ate and told lies, the storms caught up with us, and it was pouring as we left. Conditions worsened as we headed East on Rte 2. The wind was howling, the leaves where pelting reminded me of the kind of day one would curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm beverage, look outside at the wind and rain and the leaves being slapped against the window and think how nice it is to be warm and dry. That is what I was thinking....I wish I were warm and dry.

File Photo of a nice day at Graylock
GT at Mount Greylock

My wish came true about an hour later. We stopped in Shelburne for a cappuccino, and to remove some rain gear. The rain had given away to noticeably bluer skies. Another half hour east and you couldn't find a cloud, it was like a different day!

And we set off for a new ride. We got off rte 2 and with the bad weather behind us managed to find the worse road in the Commonwealth. MA 32 We finally rolled home as the light faded. A good time was eventually had by all and perhaps I've ridden the last of the rain for 2009?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rode My Bike to Work

Rode To Work Today
There are so many good things about this picture.
That is my K1200GT.
It is parked at work.
It is fall.

So that means, the K12 is back on the road, after a long 6 month hiatus
It means that I'm back to work after an 8 months of unemployment
And it's fall, a beautiful time of year to have some gas money and a fast bike.

I am a "real" employee now, first time in...uh...close to 5 years. Contracting pays well, but there is a lot of wear & tear worrying about assignments. I'm at a small company Wellpet, they make healthy top of the line pet food. Kitty is happy about this, as there are employee discounts.

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm going to miss my free time, but I was at the point I needed to trade the freedom for the paycheck. We all know how that goes. At least it's a pleasant 25 minute commute, with a casual dress code, so riding there works out ok.

And now, the weekends feel like weekends...very short, lots to fit in! Hope your weekends are packed with great sMiles.