Monday, February 1, 2010

Lisa is 15!

Sticky Buns in Bethal
It's a late Saturday morning, in a cafe in Bethel, Maine.
Country music can be heard coming from the kitchen.
I've just had the best egg & cheese sandwich. The egg yolk still runny, the cheddar melted all over it, the bagel fresh and doughy.

Lisa & Connor
Yesterday was Lisa's 15th birthday. Imagine that, fifteen. For her birthday I surprised her with a trip to Sunday River to go skiing with her boyfriend. For a year she has pleaded with me to let her accompany him and his family up here. Not on my watch Kid, my teen daughter was not spending the weekend with her boyfriend, no matter how nice he is. Lisa was politely persistent in this matter. Don't I trust her? Not the issue my young daughter; I gotta pull the Mom card on this one.

Bethal Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge

No matter what her age, there have been skeptics that have warned me that the good years are behind us. Its obvious they speak from their experiences not from some special insight or wisdom.
There have been no bad years. This is no accident, and it has not been without work. I am convinced that parents give up too easily when raising their children. They tire of the responsibility, they give in and give up. Children do not raise themselves. I do not make decisions for Lisa, but I coach her in the things she needs to think about when making them. I live my life in a way I am proud. I don't lecture, I just am. Maybe because it is just the two of us, but it's working out quite well. She is a strong girl, she has dreams and ambition. She knows she is loved. I feel such pride in our accomplishments. Not mine, not hers, but ours, we are here because we have journeyed here together.

Happy 15th birthday sweetheart, I know we're going to have a great year!

Some pictures from the weekend:

Snow was sparse and trails littered with evergreens

Ski Cam
Ski Cam

Getting familiar with my new Cannon D-10, Gravestones in Sepia
Gravestone in Sepia

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irondad said...

I have to admire you attitude. We've raised four. The baby is now 21. Bad experiences are not predetermined. That doesn't mean it's always easy, of course. Nothing worthwhile usually is. I'm no expert, just a loving Dad. Sounds like you and Lisa will keep doing just fine.

Congratulations on the new Canon!