Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Motorcyle Book: How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop

Press Release
Cemter Conway, NH, March 2010—From a corner of the garage set up for routine maintenance to a dream shop housing valuable classic machines, How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop, 3rd Edition will help you create a hard-working motorcycle workshop to make the most of available space, and equip it with the tools necessary to get any job done.

Whether you plan only to keep your bike clean and in good repair or you want to become seriously involved with restoration, customization, or even professional repair, this book will show you how it’s done. In-depth shop profiles include: personal garage workspaces, professional shops, specially-built professional restorer’s shops, multi-purpose shops, and race shops. There’s even a guide to computerizing your workshop. Each profile has a scaled layout of the shop with color photos, as well as thoughts and tips from the owner and designer of that shop. You’re bound to find ideas from these shops you can apply to your own.

Author C.G. Masi also explains the basic principles of planning and designing workshops, with practical advice on what equipment you’ll need. He offers helpful suggestions about which tools to keep with your bike, which tools you’ll need in emergency situations, electric power tools, computers in the workshop, and valuable advice on which tools to purchase, which tools you can fabricate, and best of all, how to use them properly. Amusing anecdotes recount real-life experiences, with examples of what to do and what not to do.

With more than 200 color photographs and detailed illustrations, How to Set Up Your
Motorcycle Workshop is a must-have, money-saving reference you’ll return to time and again. It is one of Whitehorse Press’s perennial bestselling titles.

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