Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Car in the Drive

After 8 years and 175,500 miles of service, I said good bye to my 03 Acura TL Sport.
03 AcuraTL-S

This particular model had a problem with the transmission. Acura warrantied them out to 120,000. I rolled into the shop last spring 160,000 and had to pay for the rebuild myself. This spring I rolled back in, 2,000 miles past the 12/12 warranty. No one wanted to investigate the fault lights to strenuously. It was time to go shopping.

03 Acura TL-sport ODOMETER end

I didn't have to look long before I figured out what I wanted...the same car (almost). I came home Sunday with an 08 Acura TL-S. I briefly thought of getting the 6 speed manual, even took a couple out for test rides before deciding I'm just to lazy. If I want to shift something I'll hop on two wheels.

2008 Acura TL-S

286hp. I wonder how miles between tickets? Wish me luck!


Unknown said...


very nice choice. I also pondered between a 5-speed or auto but in the end settled on the 5-speed. I think it makes you more aware of controlling your vehicle vs just steering and aiming

Wet Coast Scootin

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful car and you got the "S", nice. You also got the most beautiful color from Acura, that blue is just striking. Congratulations and be careful with the law ;-)

Baron's Life said...

Good luck with the new ride...you're certainly a conservative, having gone for the same wheels...looks nice