Monday, August 2, 2010

BMW RA Rally - Pownal, VT

There are no bad roads in Vermont. Add a few sunny days in the low 80's and you have the makings of an ideal weekend rally.
Camp Grounds

The RA is no MOA, it's not even the poor cousin. It's basically a large local club organizationally. What this bare bones rally lacked in amenities it made up in location and great people. Lisa and I made our first camping excursion of the season and shared many miles and smiles.

Back to basics camping
Wild Camping Ground

In the weeds
In the Weeds

Morning fog lingers over the camp site
Early Morning on camp ground

Lisa braids her hair in the camp mirror, getting ready for a day of riding.
Camp Life

Breakfast of champions, Wilmington, VT
Breakfast of Champions

That was one filling brownie!
Sun & Fun

Bikes from the weekend
GS & Kermit Chair

Yellow GS with Sidecar


15 year old Lisa hams it up with 78 year old Ardys Kellerman, who dropped in from her Texas home.

Lisa & Ardys

Traditional Mid day stop for ice cream
Arlington VT Ice Cream stop

Ready to hit the road at 7:00AM

On the road by 7:00 AM

Don't forget to do something wacky this summer!
Devil in disguise


Dave Gill said...

Gail, have you got Lisa signed up for MSF yet? For some reason I thought she was already 16. My 16 YO grandson completed MSF last fall before he was 16. When he turned, he got his learner's permit. So proud when he rode his new-to-him NX250 to the inspection station.

SheRidesABeemer said...

she just turned 15 1/2 and is allowed to drive the car with me.
I'll look at MSF in the spring when she has her license and some road awareness. Hoping to pick up a 5 speed car for her in the spring too.;)

Motoedde said... least you guys didn't have to wait in line for the showers!
Anyways...beautiful rally location and fun people made my first rally a fun one.