Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Riding Karma

New Tire

I've been riding for 12 years now, somewhere near 100,000 miles. I have never had a break down while on the road. Yeah I lost a radiator fan in the Black Hills of ND, but I was able to continue on. I even suffered a cracked transmission case on a Yamaha, but that was in my garage. So I was long over due for a flat tire, lucky for me it was a leak and not a blow out. But either way I found myself on the Maine turnpike with a tire that was not holding air.

This has long day written all over it
Now many of my well intentioned facebook friends told me all about plugging a tire or some such thing. I guess if you had such things with you you could use that. I had a phone with me...I used that. Thankfully I was still in cell coverage land. But hey, I have good riding Karma.

Motorcycle Maintenance
With the little tool kit that lives tucked in my tail fin, I was able to get the rear tire off. Upon its removal, I discovered a broken spring on the disk brake, see it's good I had a flat, I wouldn't have known about the brake problem.

Hanging Around
It was a fabulous day to hang around waiting for help. 3 nice folks did stop to offer assistance, including an ADV guy.

I was in a spacious, safe Irving Station, so I was able to keep my strength up. See my new helmet?

The Bill
Now there were much closer places to take my tire but my friends and I decided to throw the tire in the trunk and head on down to Max BMW. And why is that? Because some of the other places couldn't find customer service in the dictionary. Max's on the other hand could teach a class on it. You're on the road? You're in next. Great people to do business with.

Gas Station Foliage
So my original intention was to ride to my friends house and enjoy the foliage. Seeing as I was cooling my heals at a gas station, I looked around and spotted a teeny tiny bit of color.

Not the day I thought I was going to have, but a good day none the less.


D. Brent Miller said...

It is the misadventures that give us long lasting memories. Glad you turned the disabled bike into something worthwhile.

Karol said...

I had a flat on my K75 too. Along I-94 in Wisconsin. Couldn't get off the bike because I couldn't get the kickstand down :-( A kindly gentleman stopped and offered assistance. I asked him to get the axe out my saddlebag (no he didn't run). I was going camping and just happened to have it. I then asked him to "chop" a hole, so I could deploy the sidestand. Got it. He had me check my phone to be sure I had coverage. Seemed to until he left. I had the tire patch kit...glue dried up. Tried cell phone...only worked for 911. Police officer showed up, called MTS and the local HD dealer. Tow truck took the bike and me to the dealer. They loaned me their pickup for the night since they were closing. Didn't have a Metzeler, so they patched the tire, and installed a tube. Worked well. Long story, but turned out ok.

SheRidesABeemer said...

Good story Karol, many people would back up slowly at the mention of an crazy lady.

Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

Brent's right...and of course you know this well already. Nothing really prepares us for flat tires. At least not in my experience. Breaking matter where it is, (the middle of a desert or in a parking lot far from home)can be a lesson in patience and good will.
So glad to see you're smiling and have a great attitude about the whole thing!

SheRidesABeemer said...

thanks Chessie, Might as well make the best of it. I'm thinking of scheduling regular break downs now, lots of cute guys stopped to offer aid. 8)

Liz said...

After finding an antique nail in my tire near the end of a thousand-mile trip (but still 90 miles from home), with associated major air loss and tire squirreliness, I now always carry a tire plug kit, and I know how to use it. (I also have AMA Roadside Assistance AND AAA, just in case!).

BeemerGirl said...

This is one of those issues that always sits in the back of my mind while riding. I know I have AAA and am not too worried. But I have kept it in my mind to purchase the patch kit and learn how to use it. You handled it very well and made a great time out of it. (Always nice to "people" watch. :) )

Question...did you leave the one-legged bike on the side of the road while getting the tire fixed? No worries of theft or mis-adventure?


GF said...

Wow, glad someone helped, I have been lucky too, never had a flat :-)
This is what makes riding a motorcycle such an adventure, you never know what's going to happen or who you going to meet. Glad all turned out alright :-)