Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lisa's on the Road

Lisa behind the wheel
Dear Lisa,
I was on the back of a bike when I was 15 1/2. My then boyfriend was 21. I look at you, at that same age, and I can't help but think, were my parents asleep at the wheel? LOL.

Lisa behind the Wheel
No daughter of mine is going to be on the back of a bike...unless it's mine. No, you are going to be up front where you belong. So many times I wish someone had told me I could be in the front.
Your blessing and curse is having a mother who expects you to ride. I hope you want the same. I imagine you will not have a lot of class mates with parents signing them up for the MSF class in the spring. It has always been our dream to do the rally circuit the summer of 2011, where you can clean house on youngest rider. I hope we can accomplish that goal.
Wacky Hat Camp Out 2005
But I understand better the risks and limits we might encounter. We will ride as far and as much as you are comfortable with. The encouraging news is you have very good road instincts. You handle the car with ease, I think you are already a better night driver than I am.
Helmet Head
To your advantage, are the 10,000+ pillion miles you have under your little butt. I remember my first road experience, it was only 1999 when I got my endorsement. I remember the excitement and unfamiliarity of the wind and noise of hitting the road. To you, this is old school. A little clutch and gas action and I think you'll be good to go.
Parkway Rest Stop
The possibilities for us this summer are endless. And if you do not take to riding I will be ok with that too, you will always welcome to ride two up with me.


I wish you great patience as you attend the required drivers ed class in the coming months. Study to the test honey. And in the spring, put on your well worn gear, pretty pink helmet and give 'em hell on those Honda Rebel 250's. I can't wait to see your light, not your helmet, in my side mirror.

Love Mom.
2005 Mother & Daughter

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D. Brent Miller said...

Gail, you are an inspiration and an incredible mom. Most parents hinder rather than encourage their children. Lisa has to be the luckiest kid on the planet to have a mom like you. Be well. Ride safe .... both of you. --Brent

GF said...

Wow, I am a man now but my mom gave me crap for a while when at 19 I decided to buy a bike. She still complains even now. You have a beautiful daughter and you are an amazing mom, I hope the two of you will ride together forever. I have a 14 year old daughter and this summer will be taking her on my bike for the first time, she really wants to go too, I hope one day she will ride with me all over too :-)

Christina Hatch Marden said...

Very nice expression of love.

Dave said...

This is very interesting stuff-I made both my boys (now 17 and 20) take the MSF before they got their car drivers license. Older one bought his first bike this summer and it was indeed awesome to look in my mirror and see him there. If Lisa takes to this like Ryan, the two of you are in for many happy hours together. Ride safe and keep us updated...

BeemerGirl said...

I hope the pillion miles make it exponentially easier for her to pick up the bike and feel comfortable instantly. For those of us in which it was a new experience, we have fought hard for each one of our miles. Best of luck in classes and bringing all that learning together! Hope you make that circuit this summer. :)


Unknown said...

A milestone in the making! Great watching Lisa and you making memories as the miles and years go by. I too echo your sentiment about (ok to not take it up if you choose) with my own daughter. She still often rides pillion with dear old dad long after I thought all that was over.

Oz said...

I really enjoy seeing a mother /daughter riding combo. My son (currently 13) rides with me a lot. He has been my main passenger since he was 7. His mom rides with me also, but he and I go on big trips in the summer and most days to school. I am looking forward to him riding along side me.
Great blog.

irondad said...

I totally identify. My sons ride with me. Here's wishing that you realize all the pleasant things you are hoping for in the coming year!