Monday, January 3, 2011

A Visit to Pack Monadnock

Should my motorcycle centric blog contain non riding entries?

Well, I guess it already does, in general I have always tried to keep it motorcycle centric. But that is not always the focus of my life. So this year, I think I will expand content a bit more.

With a bonus day off today and sunny cold weather, I needed to head outdoors.
One of my 11 New Year's Resolutions for '11 is to discover and visit more New Hampshire Parks. I decided to visit a nearby favorite Miller State Park home of Pack Monadnock in Peterborough, NH.

On a clear day, you can almost see tomorrow

Isn't New Hampshire beautiful? What a place to sit back and think about what is ahead for the year.

You can keep your gym membership, I'd rather take a walk

Here's the riding reference: Setting up for the turn
Setting up for the turn

Curves Ahead - walk with caution
Curves Ahead

Two other items on my list of 11: Develop photography and Photoshop skills! Did you make a list? I want to be able to look back on 2011 with a sense of accomplishment - thus the list.

Don't be locked out of discovering all of your potential this year!
locked out

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D. Brent Miller said...

Gail, I think you might be experiencing what I went through last year. I do so much more than motorcycle. Although Sojourn Chronicles had some faithful followers, I think I have converted most of them to my other web site,, where I can showcase my professional work and still be a human being. Motorcycling is just a small portion of what I want to write about. I never wanted to be a moto journalist. I prefer to be a travel writer ... sometimes on a motorcycle. And since I've been doing more audio and photography work AND getting paid for it, it just doesn't fit on Sojourn Chronicles.

Good luck with your posts. I'll still be reading. --Brent

SheRidesABeemer said...

You are right on with your comment Brent. I don't follow your blog 'cause you are a FB friend! Easier to follow you there. But yeah, the one dimensional gets tired, I can tell by the obvious decline in entries in the blog. I think I will rework the banner and mission a little this year. I like to write. I like to tell stories. My mode of transport happens to interest a lot of people. :)

BeemerGirl said...

I understand the struggle. I don't think your readers will mind if you update the formatting a little. :)

Great park! I love New Hampshire was disappointed at having to cancel my trip a couple years ago. Oh well. I will hopefully live the enjoyment for awhile through you.

Great images to go along with your hike and prose.


Baron's Life said...

I think you're a very good writer and your blog is already not a 100% motorcycle blog as you involve your personal life and emotions, etc...Having said have a very good motorcycle/life blog...for instance we know, your daugther now is driving and you have traveled all over with her.
I have always tried to make my blog a mix of life and biking in order to give the public a feeling that not all riders are bums, most of us are educated, hold down good jobs, support families and live ordinary lives just like joe blo next door. Just follow your gut feeling and go for it...BTW, I love your photography

RichardM said...

That looks like a nice walk. I've never been to New England in the winter nor seen much of it during the summer. I initially started reading your blog due to links from other moto sites but enjoy all the stories and photo stream.

But then again my own blog sort of wanders all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Bluekat said...

I've asked myself the same question on blog entries. What makes the perfect balance? I'm initially drawn to a blog because of the particular content, but once I become a regular visitor, I enjoy hearing about other aspects of the authors life. Great pics and write up. The snowy, curvy road looks very inviting for a walk.

I love this statement...
"On a clear day, you can almost see tomorrow"

EddyQ said...

Those pics of Pack bring back some memories. Way back, every ride past there my buddies and I would ride to the summit. Then they started charging a fee and we now ride by.

Then the pic of Monadnock brings back memories of a snow shoe hike to the summit. Really nice. That also was quite a while ago. Weird thing is, those exact snowshoes fell apart with this last snow. I just bought a new pair and the same day I saw your pic.

Ever snowshoe? If not, you should try it.

irondad said...

I know what you mean. My motorcycle blog became a grandchild photo blog for a bit. Do what interests you. That's what makes a blog live.

This year's plan is to start making some income from photography. It would be nice to open that locked gate!

Unknown said...

I try to keep mine about motorcycles, too. Sometimes it's a loose affiliation - that seems to work alright. You can always make a new blog, too. It seems like quite a few folk are running more than one. By the way, is that a Canon T1? Looks oddly familiar...

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