Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caution New Driver

I don't remember much about getting my drivers license. Lisa and I made it into a day to remember. I let her skip school. I took the day off from work. Because in our house, hitting the road is a very important milestone.

I wanted Lisa to be able to look back at the pictures and relive the excitement she felt. The excitement to be behind the wheel. The freedom of the road. I hope she has a million trouble free miles ahead of her.

8 weekends of Drivers Ed, 40 hours driving with a parent.
Driver's Ed Car

Remember your first car?
Sweet 16

Hi Dad, I'm at Dunkin's with Mom, waiting for my driving test appointment.
Teen on Phone

The waiting is the hardest part.
11:00 Appointment

A most important milestone! Congratulations!
Lisa gets her license


Dave Gill said...

Congratulations Lisa! Now about that class M endorsement.... LOL

Guido said...

Awesome! It is a day to remember. I still remember getting my driver's license and 7 years later the motorcycle license.

But nobody took pictures - so all I have are memories that are getting better with each time I tell the story ... ;-)

SonjaM said...

Congrats to the new driver. Be careful out there and watch out for us two-wheeled obstacles ;-)
Way back then, when I had my test two friends accompanied me who also skipped school, just to support me. Got my motorcycle license six years later... hope Lisa doesn't wait that long to get hers.

Bluekat said...

Great day! Congratulations to Lisa!

GF said...

Congratulation :-) next is the motorcycle license ;-)
My 14 year old daughter already picked the car she wants me to buy her when she gets her license, she's growing too fast :-(

irondad said...

I seem to remember my examiner retiring the next day!

Congratulations to Lisa. I enjoy reading how you and Lisa share so many things.

Christina Shook said...

Brings back memories for me. I still have that drivers license with the braces illuminating the dorky smile.

What a good mom you are to commemorate.