Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Ride Report

Motorcycling in New Hampshire, in March is madness. A good kind of madness mind you, but mad none the less.

Frost Heaves, if you are not from the area you might think this is a politician running for the school board, considering the number of signs stuck into the side of the road with "his" name. In addition to being a basketball team from VT Frost Heaves are cracks and bumps in the road that have resulted from the freeze thaw conditions of spring. See also washboard.
Frost Heaves

Sometimes the bumps can be fun, but where there are more cracks than pavement, it can be annoying and dangerous. To ride these moguls sit light in your seat, feet firmly planted on the pegs ready to dance with the bike. I've never ridden a horse, but I imagine it's something like that. If you're riding a cruiser with feet forward, good luck to you, I don't know how you do it!

Here is a little video I put together from yesterday's ride.


RichardM said...

Like the video. We don't get "frost heave" signs. Just a wooden stake with some orange flagging on the side of the road to mark the worst ones.


BeemerGirl said...

All new information for me. I am assuming frost heaves occur every year? How do they repair the roads? And is it repaired quickly? Could be fun on an adventure bike. ;)


SheRidesABeemer said...

Frost Heaves do occur annually. You encounter them on back roads. A nice newer road, with good drainage does not have them. An older road will have them bad. Tree lined roads probably have a lot of roots under them, plenty of space for water to pool/freeze. Some roads never recover, and the cracks and bumps remain all the time.

Ben said...

Great video! I wish I could be out riding but where I am here in Canada we still have a foot of snow cover the roads.
Well more slush than snow but I hope to be riding soon.

irondad said...

Can you treat them like whoop-de-doo's on a motorcross track and try to double or triple them? :)

Anonymous said...

The open road, the winter freeze coming out of the ground is a sign of spring and riding weather.
Ne'er again for me, however the onboard video made me feel good,
all over.
Thank you

Adri said...

Nice to see another winter warrior, cool video and I like the blog's personality haha

From Toronto, Canada

Roy Karny said...

Wehehel, it's nice to see some snowy roads. Here the winter we get is somewhat short and very shallow comparing to yours... On the other hand, we do need to cope with a 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer which is a 4 months thing.
The movie was nice touch :)


Unknown said...


we have lots of frost heaves here too both locally and around the province. Our temperatures hover around freezing and the ice melts and refreezes causing the roads to rip apart, so we have similar challenges

Riding the Wet Coast