Saturday, March 5, 2011

Real Women Read the Manual

It's another winter day in the garage. I finally ordered the brake pedal for the GT, I cracked that bugger last spring in a freak garage accident. I was pulling the K75 off the center stand, and as unluck would have it, it was aligned right begind the GT. The front wheel of the K75 hit the rear wheel of the GT, pushing it off its center stand, and down she went.
Saturday in the garage

I invested in manuals for both bikes. Sure they are onine somewhere, but you can't put sticky notes online and get them all greasy!
Refer to your Manual

Here is the problem, the old pedal has a crack in it. It's hard to believe that if the bike falls onto the right side, it's the brake pedal that takes the fall! (when the bags are off)
Old vs New

I don't just take pictures for the entertainment of my readers, it's a reference for putting things back together!!
garage 006

Having the right tool is important. The only thing I was missing was the locktight and some greese, so I made a trip for those.

Last chance for before pictures!

So this is how the spring goes on, less all the road salt. Who the heck rides in the winter!
Spring is at hand

It's important to take lots of breaks. In my case, I left for half the day and then came back to my project.
Pondering Instructions

And voila, the spring went back into place, the locktight cleaned up, and a glowing new brake pedal, that hopefully works just fine!
New Brake pedal


Nikos said...


Did you have to adjust the brake light switch clearance? I found that the Clymer manuals for both my K75 and R1150GS were either incorrect or confusing and in the end followed the oficial BMW Repair Manual instructions

Best wishes, N

redlegsrides said...


"hopefully works fine"? Surely you did a quick test ride? Or was there snow outside?


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