Sunday, June 12, 2011

K1200GT is For Sale

The day I rolled home from Alabama with the R1200GS, I took the GT for a spin around the block. I knew then and there, the bike was gone.
Home with the GS

I have 5,500 miles on the GS already, about 275 this year on the GT.
I feel nostalgic about selling it, but I know I won't miss the pretty bike. The GS is up to the task of cutting up the curves in Vermont, and getting me to my camp site. We've bonded already, the way the GT and I never did.

Coming home from Cleveland, 2005
Spot the Problem

I hope it finds a good home out there in Ebay land.


redlegsrides said...

Took me a bit longer to part with my 1150RT after picking up my R80 as my "spare" motorcycle. So nimble and small when compared to the RT, it took all my time, leaving the poor RT sitting in the garage more and more.

Hope the sale is fast and it goes to someone who'll ride it a lot.....


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Bluekat said...

Kind of reminds me of my Suzuki. It was a nice bike, but it was never the bike for me. I liked her, she was pleasant enough, and pretty (as cruisers go), but with the Ninja, that "just right" feeling was immediate.

Good luck and quick sale! :)

Cecilie Hoffman said...

May you and your new GS have many wonderful, safe, canyon-carving, twisty snarfing miles together. Congratulations on the new bike!

SheRidesABeemer said...

bluekat, you nailed it. It's a nice bike...but never quite the right bike for me. Sure is nice looking though!

Guido said...

Yeah, the GS does something to a person. I wasn't sure about the boxer engine - but started to love it pretty fast! It's an awesome and very capable bike that does everything so well that you really ride "the specialists" anymore.