Monday, July 25, 2011

BMW MOA Rally 2011 Pictures & Videos

Simple Slide show of the pics I've uploaded onto Flickr.

Here is a great video from that gives you a flavor of this years rally.

From Andrew Phillips


redlegsrides said...

Thanks for posting this Gail


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RichardM said...

Very nice images in your slide show. Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

The Warren, PA area is an interesting area. In 1982 had friends who suggested a trip to Russell PA was in order. They had older H-D riding friends in the area. He was cheif engineer at the state hospital north of Warren and south of Russell.Both residents of Russell are now buried in the local cemetery, with an etching of the two of them riding on their marker. My friends who I went with; he died ten years of complications from diabetes, she moved, a widow to eastern Ontario. We all rode the entire circumference of the Kinzua dam one warm summer's day and all of the surrounding roads.
Strange to think, you've now traversed similar roads, many years later. Was intrigued with the water fountain in Warren, however moreso for the outline of diesel locomotives on the sign behind the fountain. There was at one time a foundry in Warren that cast bells for churches, again years before.

The Bloomsburg Rally was very hot; my friend Holly spent most of the time indoors, doing stats as volunteer. It was no cooler here in Southern Ontario!

And you are obviously enjoying your new set of wheels; one of these days I may too remount a
motorcycle; too many other distractions in my world at present.

Jesse P said...

You Beemer guys n' gals seem to really like getting your shiny motos awfully dirty.

I kid, the rally looks like a fine time to be had by all.

Anthony said...

Thank so much for giving us some love on your blog! Hope you had a great Rally. Bummer I did not get to meet you. - Anthony