Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Female Rider

A rider friend of mine compiled a nice blog filled with woman rider's own words on why they ride.
I contributed to this project and am included in her post.
The reasons we ride can be very personal, and we can't always assume we know those reasons.
Thanks for putting this together Donna, it's an interesting read.


Keith - Circle Blue said...

Thanks for the link. I showed it to Heather and she enjoyed it. Thanks again.

Adrian said...

Thanks for sharing this! Thought it was great. I shared another female rider's blog on my own site:

I also looked at the local riding community and why we men need more of you ladies riding among (and it's definitely not just for eye candy):

Ride safe ladyriders!

shutterpilot said...

You've not updated the blog in awhile - have you moved to a new site?

SheRidesABeemer said...

It's been a different kind of winter this year, and the blog has not been a priority. Thank you for asking though. I think with spring in the air, maybe it's time to get at it.