Friday, October 7, 2011

A Fine Day Out

It's been a while since I've done a plain and simple ride report.

Tripoli Road

And that's what it was today, plain and simple. After getting some things done in the morning, I headed out in the afternoon to play.

One last piece of business was to stop Concord DMV to renew my license. I was surprised with clerk asked me if I "wanted" to keep the MC on my license. "Why yes, that is how I got here." I wonder if women tend to drop their endorsement?
Concord DMV

I then headed to Hopkington, NH to pick up the Northern New England tag which has been languishing since Sept 26th. I think there are too many TOR games going...

I stopped at the covered bridge first, there was already a photographer there! We tried to ignore each other. I was kind of blocking traffic.
Covered Bridge Hopkington

Then down around the corner for the Tag.
Hopkington Dam

Look at how incredible the weather is, it was in the low 60's, very nice for October. A real score for a day off!
Hopkington Dam

Then I traveled 127N to catch 93 for the next tag. I can't recall taking this road before, not an easy thing to say when traveling in state. It was a very nice wooded back road, with gentle turns.

Today is the day that Garmin decided it would retire. It booted up, but is not taking screen commands. I had neither directions nor the name of the road I needed but I had a good idea where it was. And for once, I was right!

I found Tripoli Road in Thornton (Campton?) and followed it to Waterville Valley.

Here is the tag I was going for, but alas, I was Bruced.

No matter, it was my first time on the road, and I really enjoyed it!
Tripoli Road

May I say once again, it's great to have the right bike for the job
Tripoli Road

There you have it, just the right mix: a day off, good weather, good road and just a little sense of urgency for us here in New Hampshire as we know our days on two wheels are numbered


FATTKAW said...

wondering what Garmin you have??

Terry said...

Hard to beat a day off, good weather and a motorcycle!

irondad said...

Plain and simple can be such a refreshing contrast, can't it?

I think maybe more people are dropping their endorsements because of the extra fee. Riders not like us, of course!