Thursday, November 17, 2011

1953 Motorcycle Tour

I ran across this link, I just love real people's history, especially interesting with the motorcycle twist. Enjoy.
1953 Motorcycle Touring Europe:


Nikos said...

What a wonderful find!

The bikes are being flown across the English channel in a specially converted aeroplane - a Bristol Superfreighter (top right picture)- this could carry three cars and the passengers sat in a small cabin at the rear. It took about 20 minutes to fly to le Touquet.. I remember this in the 60's as a 5 year old - my Father refused to go on car ferries with the masses. We used to drive to Greece from London in a Triumph TR3 did not always breakdown.

EddyQ said...

I really like the article. I can only imagine the feelings of the true adventure. Thanks for the link.

Dude said...

Classic. I'll be heading down to Garmisch this weekend followed by a trip to the Swiss Alps and the Black Forrest sometime this summer. Just a great story altogether.