Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zero to 60

Could you increase your lifetime miles by 300% in one weekend? Probably not, but that is just what Lisa accomplished this weekend.
Damn Yankees 002

It was disappointing for her not to be able to ride to the BMW National Rally last month. We made a decision that we'd ride to our local club, the Yankee Beemers', Damn Yankee Rally - located 103 miles from us. She had been getting in a few miles here and there, but nothing over an hour. We decided to just do it!

Famous Western MA landmark
Youngest Rider

I was so proud of her, She had great form on the corners, and great courage to go on some challenging roads.
Oh what a site to see!

Here she is just posing on her Ninja at the Damn Yankee's Rally, where she won "Youngest Rider" recognition.
Damn Yankees 011

She took her first miles on an interstate.
over my shoulder

Used a few tanks of gas (what a small tank!)
Fill 'er Up

And rode her first driver miles in the rain...even though we know she's an old hand at riding in the rain.
Looks like a nice day to ride

What a great time we had! We even talked about rides for next season.
Wave if you see us out there!

From the Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA
Bridge of Flowers