Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Product Review: Resoled Riding Boots

My riding boots are the unsung hero of my riding gear. For 7 plus years, probably 75,000 miles, they've protected my ankles when I've had oopsie drops of the bike, they've keep my feet warm when it's 30 degrees out, dry in miles and miles of downpour, and my toes ride in comfort even as temps hover near 100. My Oxtar boots have served me well.

For a about a year I've been noticing that it's increasingly difficult to get them to stay on the pegs, they are slipping instead of gripping. I briefly considered replacing them, few GS riders wear these Euro style touring boots. But they have never let me down, and aside from the slipping, I had no issue, they could still hold back the rains for 10 hours; really, I just needed them resoled.

I considered some local cobblers and looked at online vendors. I decided to go with Resole America, I was impressed with existing reviews, liked that I could send a picture of my boots ahead of time and that they recognized Euro style boots as a classification of boot. I didn't price shop locally. I felt that Resole's price of $60 (plus $8 each way for shipping) was a fair value for $200 boots. They make the process very easy, giving you a return label to send in your boots.

I had them back in my hand in 2 weeks. They were resoled as well as polished up. That was a pleasant addition, like getting your car washed with an oil change.

As you can see in this close up, the entire sole was not replaced, this part was unexpected. In the arch, you can see the original sole. The heel and toe sections from a Vibram (type) sole have been glued(?) onto the original sole. Only time will tell if this adhesion will endure the abuse and the elements.

Based on ease of use, cost and timely delivery, at this point, I can recommend Resole America for your riding boot needs.


redlegsrides said...

I too loved my Oxtar Matrix boots, though they only lasted me a bit over 63K miles! The soles on mine were OK, the leather cracked open where the boots bend where you crouch and bend forward. Oh, and the stitching came loose from where they held the zippers to the boot....and one of the zippers failed. Still, great boots!


Max Paganetti said...

These boots look awesome, thanks for reviewing them.
Great blog also btw, always look forward to reading more

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