Monday, June 9, 2014

Motorcycle Camping

As I unpacked from a long weekend of riding and camping. I took the time to take a picture of everything. It took me years to get to this camping configuration. I feel I finally have the right bike for it. I don't cook when I camp, so there is no cooking gear in this mix.

Camping Set Up

Strapped to the outside of the bike are my LL Bean rocker Camp chair , a collapsible cooler with water and Teva sandals.In the right bag: sleeping bag, tent, poles, mattress pad, tool roll, jumper cables,towel, snacks, and rain pants.
Contents of right bag, and what was strapped on the bike

Camping Gear packed in the right bag
Left bag
In the left bag are clothes, camp pillow, quart oil, half gallon of maple syrup (optional), mug, water, and the liner to my riding pants.
The top box hold my jacket liner, purse, 3 pairs of gloves, wind triangle, and misc little things.
Contents of left bag and top case

It pays to load thing methodically, stuff always goes in the same place so I know where to find it or if I've forgotten it.

All this goes in or on the bike.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail! So good to see your excellent post! Have been wondering how you and your daughter have been. Hoe all is well. Continue having wonderful adventures! Cheers,
Maria 8)

Oz said...

Very good. I love motorcycle camping, but I haven't been able to be as efficient with my packing. The Honda VFR is not a conducive to camping packing. Nice post.