Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My First Love

Bike & Clouds
You never forget your first love. Thankfully, I never sold mine. I get on that bike and all of my senses come alive. The smells, touch and sounds send 10 years of memories flooding into my head. I just love the first ride of the spring.

How many times do you have to take the rear view mirror to land this picture? I love the soft reflection.
Painting in the mirror

I took the K75 out for the first time this year trying to get the ADV tag for Mass. I can run Garmin on the K75. I needed that, the back up instructions plus a map to find the place; but I ended up being the third person to get the tag.

You call this rough? Bah, 30 mph in 3rd gear is not rough!
Rough Road

Sandy Point on Plum Island was the tag. I think I'll come back when it's a little warmer.
Sandy Point

I brought the good camera and glass with me. It was quite cold, I shot for a few minutes. The cloud cover was interesting to look at.

Marsh View

Down by the Sea

Spring it's so close you can taste it. Hope yours is going well!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Gould Hill Orchard
Some years ago I used to ride with a couple of friends. At lunch one day we got on the topic of what we think about while riding. I think about writing up my ride story, I think of the many ways to describe the ride, and what pictures I'll want to accompany it. My friend, the newbie at the time, said she concentrated on her bike, the road and improving her skills. The third rider added, "I think about green". "It sure is green". LOL. I guess I'm a deep thinker. But I have to agree with him this time of year...green, where is the green? I'm ready to see something besides snow banks, how about you?

Thanks goodness for the ADV tag-o-rama for getting my butt out of the house. Too gloomy in there. Too nice out here!
Canobie Lake Park

NH Tag

This past weekend was the first long ride of the spring weekend. The scenery is barren and dirty, yards are littered with branches from the December ice storm.
Dirty Rider

And apparently you can't go looking for buds at the Wachusett Dam either.
Sorry we're closed
I did spot this treat just off the road, couldn't get much closer...I was already trespassing.
Falls Pepperell, MA
There was beauty to be found in the woods earlier in the month. The beauty of a spring thaw.
Spring can't be far behind

Let's hope that spring is really here so I can start riding more, thinking more and smiling more! Hope your riding season has begun too!