Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Time and the Riding is Easy

Summer moves so fast. I don’t even have time to put up ride reports, because I am off to my next adventure! So eventually I’ll get back to you with the Cabot Trail ride report from the beginning of June!

Meat Cove, CB
Riding to Meat Cove

Things started off strong in April when I picked up the GS in Alabama. I so enjoyed that ride home, I have decided to revisit TN, NC and WV next week.

R 015

I took a week off to attend the BMW MOA National Rally in Bloomsburg, PA. Earlier this year I’d hoped Lisa and I could ride two bikes to the rally. But for a variety of reasons we’ve just not had the time to prepare her for that type of ride. So she will be riding down with friends, in air-conditioned comfort, and I will be happy to revisit some sweet roads down South.


Lisa has enjoyed steady progress learning to ride her Ninja. Over the weekend we enjoyed our first Mother Daughter Ride to Eat journey. I was so pleased, and proud to be sharing that with her.

Ride to Lunch with Lisa

Wasn’t it just yesterday we were on our epic road trip? It was 4 years ago.
Recognize this jacket?

Hot Day in MT

The long 4th of July weekend was spent at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Bass Harbor Head Light

Good Roads, good food, good weather!

Acadia Vista

Before Lobster Dinners

Camping, Bass Harbor, ME

Isn’t that what summer is all about?. I hope your summer is packed in a good way too!

Perfect Ride


redlegsrides said...

Nice shot of the lighthouse, Gail.

Good set of pictures overall....sounds like a mellow ride.


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Nikos said...

I'm going to Bloomsburg too but by Boeing 757!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks so much like you! Understand (from a little bird) maybe both of
you may be at Bloomsburg.

I will not, for various reasons, maybe Missouri next year?