Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Turn the Page

What's The Matter Here Natalie Merchant

[...]We live on Morgan Street
Just ten feet between
And his mother
I never see her
But her screams and cussing
I hear them every day
Threats like
"If you don't mind
I will beat on your behind"
"Slap you, slap you silly"
Made me say
"O, what's the matter here?"

I'm tired of the excuses
Everybody uses
He's your kid
Do as you see fit
But get this through
That I don't approve
Of what you did
To you own flesh and blood

"If you don't sit
In your chair straight
I'll take this belt
From around my waist
And don't you think
That I won't use it!"

Answer me and take your time
What could be the awful crime
He could do at such young an age?

If I'm the only witness
To your madness
Offer me some words to balance
Out what I see and what I hear

All these cold and rude
Things that you do
I suppose you do
Because he belongs to you

And instead of love
And the feel of warmth
You've given him these cuts
And sores won't heal
With time or age

I want to say
"What's the Matter here?"

But I don't dare say
"What's the Matter here?"

But I don't dare say

RIP, Mom, I hope you find peace in your next life.


Ronman said...


Voni said...

Do say something.

Who else will?


Dave Gill said...

Gail, I'm sorry for your loss. When I read the words you write, you do seem at peace. And then there's your daughter. How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Through all the moments that occur in our lives moving forward shared or not, we will always draw on the strength to know.

Never again will we have to suffer the injustice of our inexperience. Never again will we have to suffer the weakness of those with influence over us.

Never again!